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need a voice for your flash??

2008-07-08 15:51:33 by buzz-Gman

hiya newgrounds fellows
this is buzz-Gman
and i need work
i dont want money i just want to be heard in flash animations so just pm me and send me a script and
i'll see what i can do
i have my own mic so ya


need a voice for your flash??


2007-10-20 17:50:27 by buzz-Gman

My new group, it's for people who suck at flash to meet and mingle .....or something


Its that time when i make lots of audio i got a new program so look for longer more original


i'd like it if you used my audio, i always get a wrm feeling when my stuff makes people happy
"sniffle" k

check it out


my audio ... is cool

2007-08-20 13:59:41 by buzz-Gman

my audio is a loop and is #1 in the hip hop olskool genre so take a look at it and use it in your flash

i worked hard on it and i hope you like it btw it is called 70's cool beat

HXC word

new newgronds

2007-07-19 11:14:07 by buzz-Gman

The redesign for newgrounds has been quite helpful and confusing.

N.G byte-size is a cool idea.

The flash portal hasn't changed much.

The new layout for the profile screen is a bit confusing.

But over all new newgrounds has been great. :)